There are many things to consider when renting out your home. It may therefore be desirable to have a rental broker at your side who not only represents your interests in finding the right tenant, but also advises and guides you in arranging related matters with insurances, a VVE, lender or for example the municipality.

No cure no pay

We work on "No Cure no Pay" base. We only charge for our work when the complete process is done.

Our method explained step by step:

  1. Introduction We would like to make an appointment with you to get acquainted and to inform you about our working method, the risks, pitfalls, and the expectations of the rental market. We prefer to do this at the location that will be rented out. Then we immediately can advise you how to get your property rental proof.
  2. Home presentation We determine the rental price together with you (based on the WWS) and collect all the data necessary for the advertisement. We make an appointment with you to take photos of the property for the advertisement on our website,, and various other rental platforms. We also offer the house on our social media channels and share with our business partners. Making the advertisement and advertising the property online can often be done within 24 hours of taking the photos.
  3. Viewings We will gather interested parties from all channels and make agreements with them to view the property. We do this personally as much as possible, so that we can gain a good impression of the person during the viewing. If that does not work, we bundle the interested parties. Of course we will let you know in advance and viewings will be arranged in consultation with you and, if applicable, with the current tenant. We will also keep in touch about the candidate's findings after the viewing.
  4. The right match Of course it is important to find a tenant for your home as quickly as possible, but it is even more important to us to find a good, reliable and suitable tenant. Someone who takes care of your home and treats it as if it were theirs. And no less important: a stable tenant with an adequate income, decent employment contract and the potential to rent the house for a long time. After all, this ensures you of the longest possible rental income without vacancy. That income is your interest and therefore ours. Extensive screening of the person (s) is very important to us and is dealt with extensively. We will of course inform you of our findings.
  5. Rental agreement. Before we draw up the lease, we make sure that all parties agree to any terms and conditions. A kind of final check. When a candidate tenant is accepted by you, we can start drawing up the lease. As soon as the agreement has been drawn up, we will send it to you for checking and, if approved, we will send the agreement digitally for signature. It is important to check whether other necessary documents may need to be signed. Sometimes it is necessary to have a user statement, house rules or other documents signed. Hospa Rentals keeps a close eye on the rental laws. You can be sure that the lease that we draw up meets the latest requirements in the field of rental legislation.
  6. Assignment Together with the tenant, we plan a suitable time to do the handover on the first day of the lease. During the handover, we make a complete report with photos, comments, and hand over the keys. The report is digitally distributed to all parties involved and serves as proof of delivery.
  7. Aftercare After the handover, if applicable, we ensure the tenant will be connected with all facilities in the house. Furthermore, we are happy to relieve you of all matters concerning the rental of your home through our management module. We provide commercial, technical and administrative management and can do this for only € 75 per month. You can read more about it on our real estate management page. Of course we are happy to help you with your questions, even without management.

Personal service

Looking for just some of the above service? For example, because you have already found a tenant yourself, but want to have everything properly recorded legally, it is also possible to take a part of our service. Please contact one of our colleagues for more information.

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