About Hospa

Hospa Real Estate

Hospa Real Estate includes everything with real estate management. This varies from care for a single apartment to the management of entire buildings, such as the City Campus Max in Utrecht or the Hulstkamp building in Rotterdam. Hospa Real Estate also takes care of the implementation and planning of any renovations associated with the management and maintenance of a building or home. With the nice extra feature that, through our own technical team and permanent reliable partners, we pick up and proceed many things directly for you. Are you still in a preparatory phase of your real estate investment? We are happy to help and advise you during the purchase process. Ask us about the possibilities.

Hospitality Apartments

Hospitality Apartments is specialized in renting out homes for short stays to business partners. We have a varied range of Short Stay apartments. At your request, we provide a suitable offer that meets your (business) needs. With our own technical and cleaning team, we strive for an extensive and pleasant service and enable a smooth operational process. In short, Hospitality Apartments includes everything regarding Short Stay and full serviced apartments.

Hospa Rentals

Hospa also provides mediation for regular rental properties. We mediate between landlord and tenant and ensure the best possible tenant for your property. In this we ensure the least vacancy, optimal occupancy and a good tenant. We undertake the entire procedure and, in addition to commercial photos, advertisements and a wide range, we provide an extensive screening, so that you are sure of the right tenant. After the mediation we do not stop, we provide the aftercare and are always there for you. Also ask about the possibilities of hiring home search guidance for your employees.

Renting without worries with honest advice and a personal strategy?

How would you like to rent out your property professionally, quickly and for a good price? That would be nice, but even more important than a good price we think is a good tenant who knows what care your apartment needs. We understand that your concern is a good and fast rental of your apartment. That is why we make a personal strategy and give you honest advice on matters concerning the rental of your house. We are looking for a suitable tenant who will ensure a stable rent. .